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International and French Desk


The French Desk of the firm is integrated by Rosario Vitola and Diego Gutiérrez who have legal education in French and Belgian law, as well as professional experience in French speaking countries, they are also proficient in French language.

In this respect, Rosario Vitola received her French law degree from the University of Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne) where she was the first student of her class, and she received an LLM in Economic Law from the Free University of Brussels (ULB). On the other hand, Diego Gutiérrez has worked for more than three years in Brussels as in-house counsel at the corporate division of a multinational company with a holding structure in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Therefore, the knowledge of the business and legal culture of French speaking countries and, in particular, of France and Belgium, and the education and experience on the French and Belgian legal systems of our lawyers enable them to understand better the needs of our French clients and communicate with them in French language.

Moreover, that knowledge and experience enable us to accompany Spanish clients in their projects in French speaking countries, and for this purpose we count on professionals based in those countries who are regular collaborators of our Firm.

The lawyers of our French Desk take the lead and manage legal matters in coordination with the lawyers of our law firm in charge of the relevant areas related to the matter.


The international experience and training of our lawyers, and their proficiency in the English and French languages, ​​allow us to advise international clients on Spanish law, private international law, and international contracts, and to coordinate in an effective and dynamic way business transactions with international legal departments and law firms in other countries. Our experience in an international environment has allowed us to have a network of professionals in different countries with whom we usually collaborate.